Digital DESIGN in Bangkok

We create seamless experiences, by developing digital platforms alongside physical products.

Your External designer
With more than 10 years experience working with multi-organization development teams, we're the perfect design team to join your collaborative project.
Brand Aligned
Whether it is the new app for your smart device or a launch website, your digital experience will tie your brand together.
Tech in Mind
Our designers have tech experience and can work alongside a development team.
// Concept design and Visualisation
// User flow mapping
// Storyboarding
// Prototyping
// Prototype evaluation and user testing
// UI & UX design
// App design for smart products
// App design
// Website design
// Brand and design language guides
// UI Toolkits and guides

Digital design examples

Common Questions about UI/UX Design

Why should I go with LDW?
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How long will it take to design my app?
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Why should I design my app and my product at the same time?
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Can you build my app?
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Can you build my website?
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I have a cool idea for an app, can you help me?
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