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The better you know your customers, the more value you can provide.

Design Research
Design research uses methods and tools to understand user needs and motivations. You'll find opportunities, identify challenges early, and overall make better decisions.
User Studies
We have in depth experience with methodical immersive and observational studies in real environments with real users.
Strategy Driven Approach
The goal of any research is to come away with insights and a strategy how to use them. Our approach creates actionable goals.
Expert led
With our team of experts of thinkers and inventors, we can view research from both the side of the user and the side of the creator.
// Observational study
// User Interviews and surveys
// Motion study
// Ergonomic study
// Personas
// User Scenarios
// User Flow or User Journey
// Design Considerations
// Design Impact Analysis
// Goal setting
// Touch point mapping
// Pain point mapping


Common Questions about User Research

Why should I care about user research?
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What is a usability study?
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What is an ergonomic study?
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What kind of research do I need?
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How expensive is user research?
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