Product Design in Bangkok

We use design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to bring market changing ideas to life.

Costumer Focused
Your product is your biggest brand ambassador. It is what will live with and continue to interact with your customer. We are experts at creating products that build memorable connections.
On-site in South East Asia
We've been based in south-east Asia for more than 10 years and regularly work with clients all around the world. No matter your interests in Asia, We can be your bridge.
From Concept to Reality
A beautiful idea is only half done. Working with a manufacturer to produce an idea at an industrial scale is the real challenge. We include this phase as part of our services.
Expert led
Whether you’re a start-up looking to visualize an initial concept to raise funds, or are an established brand looking to fully develop a new product with fresh design eyes, we can support you.
// Concept design and Visualisation
// Concept CAD and Rendering
// Prototyping and Testing
// Proof of concept (form/study models)
// Prototype evaluation and user testing
// User interface design
// Brand and design language guides
// Product Development
// Engineering
// Manufactering management and consulting
// Product redesign for reduced environmental impact
// Color, finish, material selection
// Packaging design
// Market launch

Product design examples

Common Questions about Product Design

What is industrial design?
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Why do I need product design?
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How long does it take to design a product?
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How much does it cost to design a product?
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I have a cool idea for a product, can you help me?
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