That time we used light to make a bed float.

Our product design process is fairly consistent no matter the project.

We break it down into 3 steps
1. Research & Concept direction
2. Design iteration
3. Production

1. Research &
During research our goal is to get to know you. We want to understand your brand, understand where the results will fit in the marketplace, understand your engineering and production, and really understand end goals of why you’re bothering to work with an agency. 

This is mostly done through interviews, factory tours, competitive research, and anything you’ll let us squeeze out of you. 

Once we have a good grasp on the problem space, we come up with a few solutions. They’ll be worked out in enough detail for you to judge the direction, but not by any means final.

We work through a design by creating paper models. Lots of models. We know that it's almost impossible to judge shape and proportion on a computer screen, so we build ones you can touch.

For most projects we'll do about 75 models.
Lines Designworks LogoModel Making, concept designModel Making, concept designModel Making, concept design
2. Iteration

When we’ve worked together to chose a direction, we'll take the idea and just make it awesome. 

We like the second concept but with the night stands from the third. And can you make it more compact so it can fit in smaller homes?
First iteration of bed nightstand designSecond iteration of bed nightstand design
3. Production
Once we've finished the amazing design, you’re gonna go build it. If you’ve ever done this before you know there’s room for interpretation and new ideas while building.

This is where most designers leave you, but for us, this next part is the most important step.

We’ll come hang out with your engineering team, check up on prototypes, help with material selection, and redesign cost saving details.  
Third iteration of bed nightstand design, prototypeFourth iteration of bed nightstand design, final design
The final design uses modern shapes that highlight Index's unique piano hi-gloss finish. The bed is under-lit by a track of recessed LED lighting with a motion activated on switch. The lighting is an ideal night-light to give you the feel of a calm oasis. The lighting is carried through the set with a backlit vanity mirror and interior lighting in the wardrobe.
Linearity by Index Living Mall full setLinearity advertisement showing a bedroomIndex Livingmall catalogue spreadBedroom series design details