That time we rebranded a law firm.

A brand is more than a logo, it's the essence of who you are.
And getting there can be tough.

We break it down our branding process in 3 steps:
1. Clarity
2. Direction
3. Production

1. Clarity
In this first step we work with you to understand who you are and who you aspire be.

Swanson and Bratschun had just gone through a growth period, and wanted a more modern look.

Branching out into China made their name and web address… unfortunate. So we knew we had to change the entire identity.

It can be tough to get a group to come to a consensus about their hopes and dreams. We spent a week of sessions, asking a lot of questions like, “If you were a car what kind of car would you be?”

They thought we were crazy, but the process worked, and trends and unifying values started to appear.

It felt cathartic to just talk about it.
Text Message Exchange describing "SB" in Chinese slang
Obligatory Sticky Note photo
Obligatory sticky note photo.
(Seriously though, we love sticky notes.)
2. Direction
From there we start designing. We always aim to provide 3 directions with unique stories, though sometimes we have more. All the directions capture the newly discovered values, but having choices is good.

For Adsero, we presented 3 firm names (with Chinese translations) and visual concepts. One was chosen.

Blurred gallery of design concepts
(The secret sauce.)
3. Production
Once we've decided on our direction, we'll implement it. This means building out your brandbook and implementing the new brand wherever your customers will see it.

We've heard IP described as a legal fence around an idea. The chosen concept is another metaphorical fence, but one with Colorado roots.
Did you know, in the USA you can still discover minerals and claim mining patents on public lands? To this day, one of the key steps is simply marking the area with corner posts. This system partly inspired modern IP law.

Our mark is the four posts. You create it, we protect it.

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